About Us

The rich history of Rocky Mount Church...

reaches back nearly 200 years, to 1852, when the church was founded at the same location it still occupies today. The original building, a one-room log building, housed the 37 charter members of Rocky Mount, and within twenty years the congregation completed work on a second building. In 1928, the church opened the doors of “The little white church” after fire destroyed the sanctuary. The church continued to expand throughout the early part of the twentieth century, and new additions were built to accommodate the growth. In 1978, the church completed construction on the current sanctuary. The church took on it’s current configuration in 2006 when the education wing and fellowship hall were built to serve more than 400 children who attend Rocky Mount.

To accommodate even more growth, a larger, new sanctuary was built on the same location as the previous one, along with new offices, Sunday School rooms, and a Youth and Children’s Ministry area.  Rocky Mount held services at NASCAR Tech for over 2 years and still continued to grow its membership.  

We held our first service in our current beautiful sanctuary on Palm Sunday 2017. The congregation of Rocky Mount has grown and changed over the years. By the late 1990’s the church had grown to nearly 500 members and today, Rocky Mount opens its doors to over 1,000 people every week, and the congregation now includes over 800 church members who serve in their church, their community, and around the world. 

As Rocky Mount continues to expand, its mission is to “Transform religion into relationship with Jesus Christ one person at a time!” We welcome you to become part of our vibrant, loving community, and to help us write the next chapter of Rocky Mount’s proud history!